Membership Renewal – existing members and their associates only.  2023-24.

Download and print a membership  renewal form here

There have been a few changes to membership categories since 2017.   There are  new junior categories.

NB This renewal form is only for existing Full Members, or associates of a full member who are renewing as an associate.  Associates who wish to apply for full membership should use the Prospective Membership form available in the public area of this website. Please ensure you complete Section 2 of the form.

Prospective Members who have not completed a period of at least twelve months as a Prospective Member may also use this form, indicating as appropriate. .

Please note that where a sae is not supplied with the renewal then the membership cards will be held in the safe at Eaton Park, ready for collection. Also please note that if we do not receive both payment and the renewal form your renewal cannot be completed.

You  have the option of paying by bank transfer, either online or in person at your bank and this is preferred.  Please read these guidance notes first.

If you are a member whose membership already extends to March31 2024 you should still return a form (without payment)  

Download and print a membership  renewal form here