Raised Track Group

The raised track group are having maintenance & play days on most Saturdays.  For dates and times please contact  at  clubsecretary@ndsme.org


The regular first Saturday of the month dedicated to the raised track has resumed and members are invited to come along and participate in raised track activities.

24 Jun 20 

Removal of restriction on all outdoor activities means Raised Track Group may resume.  See Latest News for details

7 SEP 19

Please note the members day on 26OCT19 will be on the ground level, not raised track

22 June 19

Raised track members day and possible pop-up.  1100ish onwards.  These are now being organised by member Andy Brown.

4 May 19

Raised track members day.  1100ish onwards

05 Jan 19 

Raised track play/maintenance day today, 1030ish onwards

03 Nov 18 

Raised track play/maintenance day today, 1030ish onwards

23 Oct 18

Please note that the raised track day for Sunday 28th Oct has been cancelled and this will now be a ground level day, weather permitting.  Help still welcome from 5″ers…

15 Oct 18

We are having a members/maintenance day on Saturday the 27th October on the Raised Track if anybody wants to come from 10.00am (Weather Permitting)

We are also having a pop up running day on the Raised Track on Sunday the 28th October from 10.00am.   Could you please let Pete Ottley know your availability of locomotives or just help with the running of the raised track.  Thanks


15 Oct 18

Some pics from Saturdays pop-up raised track session.

Above – Brian Parker and one on our new members, John Powell

Above – Brian’s Mallard looks huge in this image but it’s a trick of the wide angle lens.

Above – A visiting 3.5″er, whose fine scale bogie wheels unfortunately kept derailing!

Above – a tiny 0-4-0 can pull all this!


04 Oct 18.

Please note that the members day scheduled for 06 Oct has been called off due to the poor weather forecast for the day.

Advance notice – all hands will be welcome on the 28th Oct when we will be carrying passengers.


27 Sep 18

We are having a Maintenance / Play day this Saturday the 29th September on the raised track if anybody wants to come from 10.00am


24 Sep 18

The next members day on the raised track is Saturday the 6th October if anybody wants to come from 10.00am


22 SEP 18

First ever raised track pop-up on a Saturday…


15 Sep 18

James Horrex training for the skeleton at the next Winter Olympics?  No, just found a new way to inspect the track at close quarters!

Nice titfer Ermintrude!

08 Sep 18

A useful repairs day on a Saturday.  Here Eisenbahnsignalemeister Kevin inspects a colour light post.  It was full up to the top with soil and ants!  Unsurprising that connections were faulty.  All posts will be similarly inspected over coming weeks.



Meanwhile, this fellow was dreaming of a life on the stage.  Not sure what as!

In a light hearted moment Allan shows that he’s not just a spreadsheet enthusiast but is keen on performing arts too.  He’s thinking of applying to RADA!

Was he, in fact, Action Man in the recent moneysupermarket.com ad?



02 Sep 18

A successful day on the raised track despite the rival attractions of Thai food and “scantily clad dancers” at the nearby Thai festival.  But what was more remarkable was that, with the exception of the Shirleys and one other, the day was staffed entirely by new members that we have acquired in the last year or so.   Looks like the raised track will experience a renaissance under the new Raised Track Group, co-ordinated by Pete and Allan.  Thanks are due to all those (some from afar) who attended.  Over the counter Santa ticket sales also commenced and the sales gazebo will be a regular feature during September and possibly beyond.