04 Jun 20

Limited reopening of the Eaton Park site

The directors (committee) have agreed to a limited reopening of the Eaton Park site, with imediate effect, for care, repair and maintenance work only, ie work on society infrastructure and assets only. At present, work on private projects is not permitted and such projects should continue to be done at home. This is to conform with the present law.

Guidance notes for members wishing to attend the site are available here      Members should read and agree to these before attending. 

Your atttendance at EP will be taken as signifying agreement with the conditions.  If you feel unable to comply then please do not visit EP at the present time.  The virus is a potential killer for most of us and that is why we have authorised such guidance during extraordinary times

This guidance is subject to constant review and may change again in succeeding weeks.

Please note that the WC is currently out of use.

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