08 May 22

Two members engines enjoying a quiet smoke in the pit today.

A member’s new “Scamp“, a diminutive yet interesting petrol-electric.


05 May 22

Some action from the recent B/Hol Monday,

Brian P pulling a 5-car public train.  His engine just gobbled it up!

DieselMike doing the yearly oil/filter change on his Lister.


03 May 22

Following extensive electrical and mechanical work by Ian Carter and Malcolm Pettitt, the Class 42 is now fit for service again.

Here, Malcolm gives it a test.  (Pic P King)


29 April 22

A Saturday members meeting has been arranged for August.,  See events page for details.


28 April 22

Ndsme is considering laying on a coach to the Midlands Exhibition in October.

If you are interested, please reply to the email you should all have received.

The cost will depend on the numbers travelling.


23 APR 22

Sweet Briar Road remains closed and Anglia Water indicate that it will not reopen until late May.  In the meantime the official diversion has huge tailbacks so it is probably easier to travel via the Inner Ring Road and exit via Unthank Rd or Earlham Rd, both of which will regain the Ring Road near the park.


A reminder that, if anyone in your family feels “under the weather” or “not quite right”, these could be early warnings of a covid infection.  In this case you should NOT attend EP until it is resolved as you risk bringing the virus to EP.   Covid is highly infectious and is likely to transmit from one family member to another easily.  Covid symptoms include,

  • a high temperature or shivering (chills) – a high temperature means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste
  • shortness of breath
  • feeling tired or exhausted
  • an aching body
  • a headache
  • a sore throat
  • a blocked or runny nose
  • loss of appetite
  • diarrhoea
  • feeling sick or being sick

If you have COVID-19, you can pass on the virus to other people for up to 10 days from when your infection starts.

You should:

  • try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for 5 days
  • avoiding meeting people at higher risk from COVID-19 for 10 days, especially if their immune system means they’re at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, even if they’ve had a COVID-19 vaccine

This starts from the day after you did the test.


12 APR22

1)…For those trying to view the EPMR facebook page (or any other public page such, as 7.25″ railways), facebook is currently throwing up a log-in wall which means you won’t be able to view unless you have an account.  Whether this is a permanent feature or a temporary glitch remains to be seen. UPDATE 15/4/22 SINCE RESOLVED

2)…The society is actively investigating setting up a dedicated raised track group to oversee the refurbishment.  Those members who expressed interest in this project will be contacted shortly with a view to arranging an initial meeting, possibly on a Tuesday, possibly at the Eaton Park Community Centre.  Once a viable structure is in place then the membership can be consulted for approval for the expenditure.

3)…Public trains running on Easter Sunday and Monday.  Interested members are invited to assist.



The membership renewal cycle is now complete.  Members who have not renewed will be sent one final reminder. 

Membership cards will be retained at EP for those members who did not provide an sae.  These cards will be available for collection on Tuesdays or Sundays.




Membership Renewals

The 2021-22 membership year is drawing to a close.  Over two thirds of members have successfully renewed so far.  In order to retain your member privileges, do please renew by 31st March, after which date your membership will cease



Renewal forms are available in the clubhouse for those that need a hard copy.



At Eaton Park today we...

…took the white fence down at Larch End

to create space for a storage siding…

…and replaced a drive chain on the Class 42…

…the other bogie will also be done




Pics from the DEC Ukraine Appeal benefit day.  Just over £1500 was raised.

One of our busiest days in recent years, with a unique  Hunslet double- header.

More pictures in the Gallery.



Preparatory work for new raised track storage.

Clearing away two years of organic matter

The new covered raised track storage siding will go here.  The white fence will be relocated.



Temporary duckboards installed in the pit pending a more permanent solution to the flooding problem.  These have been made from recycled plastic pallets.



Pete and Jim repairing the turntable

Brian J working on the loco lift wiring, supervised by Philip, Malcolm and Brian S


Two pics from the pop-up action today.  Jim McDonell’s Glen class and Brian Parker’s Maid Marion, pulling busy afternoon trains.  Brian’s loco ran for a full five hours and was still going strong at the close of play!


Pete King and the track team resleepering in the field today. 

This is the last point to be done in the field




The Sweet Briar Rd closure looks like it may be for some time.



21 Feb 22

Raised track  (refurbishment) consultation

If you have a view on this subject then please respond asap.  The consultation closes in a few days.


21 Feb 22


Please note that the ring road is closed between the Dereham Road roundabout and Hellesdon Hall Road.  This is likely to remain closed for up to 14 days.  Diversion in place but expect significant queues at all times during the day


19 Feb 22

Storm Eunice caused some degree of difficulty in Southern England but at EP this was the only thing of note.  We got off lightly!


17 Feb 22

Phil doing some painting during “play hour”.


17 Feb 22

Hello Hello I’m back again!

Excalibur arrives back at EP after a spell at the manufacturers for fitting of upgrades.

Any day now…back in service!  Seen here with the owners.


17 Feb 22

Mystery pair of gloves

Who has left these behind?



16 Feb 22

A new page for latest news from ndsme