Information for all news and other media.

You are welcome to visit our railway and take photographs/film of our operations to illustrate printed or broadcast media.  We ask that you contact us prior to attending and give us a rough idea of what you wish to achieve.  If attending on a public operations day please wear an orange hi-vis.

Should you wish to be placed on our media emailing list, please submit your details via the contact form.


Statement for social media 20 July 2021

Ndsme, who operate the railway in Eaton Park, are currently considering our response to “Freedom Day”.   We will work on the basis that, just because we can, does not always mean that we should.  In reality probably little will change.  We may retain family groups only on a carriage. We may still require riders to wear suitable face coverings.  We can do this because, as a Company, we can incorporate this into our T&Cs (aka Conditions of Carriage) and we might take a precautionary approach here.  We’ll keep you informed as to what to expect.


PR following the Ukraine Fundraiser  held on 13MAR22