12 Aug 19


Important news re the AGM on Weds 14th.

Procedure will be slightly different this year, as we move toward a more democratic model of governance.

Following a request, Directors (“the Committee”) will be seated facing the floor so they may be easily identifiable and questioned

The AGM will be split into two sessions.  Firstly, the formal business of directors reports etc.  Then the meeting will adjourn to allow a Q&A session to take place.  When this is completed, the AGM will reconvene for the express purpose of voting by secret ballot.

When you arrive, you should register at the registration desk where you will also be issued with your unique ballot paper.  This paper should not be completed until the Q&A session is over.  Please bring a book, or something firm upon which to rest your paper when you fill it in.  If there is space we will set up a table for this purpose.  Pencils will be provided.

Your ballot paper will carry a serial number at the foot of the paper.  This will be detached by the teller when you hand your completed voting paper in.  Thus, your preference will remain totally anonymous.

Voting for committee members (directors) will be by secret ballot.  You will be asked to vote for or against each individual name.

Voting for approval of Company Secretary will be by secret ballot.  You will be able to vote for or against the candidate.  In the event the candidate is not approved, the existing Company Secretary can be asked to serve for a further year.  He has indicated he is willing to do this if asked.


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