22 Feb 17

The society’s Warship replica has been in DieselMikes workshop for an overhaul.  The bogies are finished ( all shafts were drilled, tapped and pegged so the taper locks can never slip again ), a rewire nearly complete (just a couple of chassis clips) and waiting for the new 24 volt horns to arrive. Mike decided to replace the 12v horns with 24v as it’s never a good idea to pull 12 volt off one battery as it causes an imbalance which leads to battery deterioration in series connected 24 volt systems.  Just the ammeter to fit when it arrives, body windows and detailing next and a good quality polish and it will be back at the park in time for April public running.   Looks like the job’s a good ‘un Mike!

Pics below show various aspects of the overhaul.

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