25 Jun 20

Use of the WC at Eaton Park, in “emergency situations” only

The WC at EP is a potential hotspot for virus.  Covid 19 has been detected in both liquid and solid human waste.  When a wc is flushed an aerosol is generated which can then settle on other surfaces, particularly in a confined area.

The original thought was to shut the wc out of use, however some members have requested use of the wc “in an emergency” when no other arrangement is possible.  Therefore the following procedure has been agreed by the committee.


The wc is to be kept locked by default .  A key is in the key safe.  This is to deter casual use.

In an “emergency” situation, obtain the key.   After use you should sanitise all surfaces with your own anti-viral solution.  A solution of >70% alcohol  is recommended.  Keep the door open while you are doing this.  When all surfaces have been sanitised (eg taps, seat, lever, lid, door handles etc), shut and lock the door and return the key to the key safe.  REMEMBER HOWEVER, you take a gamble on whether the previous user has followed this cleaning procedure (as you may recall, there are some that don’t  even flush!).  In this case you may consider doing the cleaning routine before use, as well as after.  You are responsible for your own safety here.  Remember, the virus is still out there and is likely to be so for a considerable time yet and it is in your own interests to follow this guidance

Please read the detailed guidance here

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