14 Jan 22

Due to the current Covid situation, the society considers that it is unwise to hold the planned members meeting on Weds 02 Feb.  Consequently this meeting is cancelled and will be rescheduled.


03 Jan 22

Trackworks during a pop-up session.  Mike Riches levels the track where the concrete base has sunk. 

He is using wedges to place the track back to correct elevation.

Selecting a wedge

Placing the wedge under sleeper

Trimming the surplus

The “works train” with the flatwagon.


01 Jan 22

Some pics from the members meeting @ EP today

Above – Harvey Yarham receiving instruction from Driver Pete King

Above – Pete King in the Tunnel of Light and Oscar Battle driving Brian Bakers Cl 08

Above – Chris Eve and James Horrex working on locos



30 Dec 21

The ndsme January members meeting will be this Saturday
January 1st 2022
Eaton Park
10am till dusk.
At least one loco will be in steam and will, along with society locos, be giving rides around the circuit to members and their families, including the Tunnel of Light
There will also be soup/roll laid on by Mike & Ann Fordham, plus the usual teas/coffee etc.
The meeting will be held outdoors under gazebos so will be well ventilated!
The forecast is currently showing a relatively mild 11C-12C so do drop by during the day and bring family – there’s plenty of seats on trains!.  Coach No7 will also be available for anybody unable to use the sit-astride stock


17 Dec 21

Important – OMICRON variant

According to the BMJ, the majority of symptoms of the Omicron variant are like a common cold, including headaches, sore or scratchy  throat, runny nose, fatigue and sneezing. (https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n3103)   If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, or any associated with previous variants such as persistent cough, high temperature, loss of (or changes to) senses of  taste/smell, you should NOT ATTEND Eaton Park.  If you have been in contact with anyone displaying these symptoms you should NOT ATTTEND Eaton Park.  Remember that even though you may be vaccinated you can still be infected and still pass the virus on to others.


Parking at EP on Public Train days

The committee, at theor meeting of 15DEC21, has mandated the following

On public train days, the only vehicles that should park within the “circle” near the container are the following.

  • Vehicles/trailers bringing locos for passenger running
  • Vehicles bringing locos for boiler/steam tests (must be pre-booked)
  • Support vehicles for any locos engaged in public operations.

Any vehicle not falling into any of these categories should park in the man parking area before the building.  Any vehicle bringing heavy items that require dropping off in the “circle” should park elsewhere once items have been unloaded.

This is for the following reasons

  • To avoid overcrowding which could cause problems for vehicles manipulating and parking trailers
  • To minimise damage to the grass surface at this time of year
  • To maintain clear lines of sight to trains on the circle.

Please also close the white metal bar gate behind you.


15 Dec 21

Richard Wells is making progress with his RS, with the assistance of Ben Fraser.  In steam and moving for the first time since the 2020 lockdown


We now have 13amp sockets in the tunnel to power, amongst other uses, the Christmas lights. Installed by Brian Sayer and Malcolm Pettit, this means no more trailing leads from the container.  A great improvement.  Below pic – Malcolm makes final connections


13 Dec 21

Christmassy trains continue at Eaton Park

A video by member Chris Eve can be found here


06 Dec 21

Christmassy trains at the park.  No Santa Specials this year but bright lights in the tunnel!

Christmas themed trains continue on Sundays to 02 Jan and also (probably) on 27 and 28 December bank hols.

The next members meeting will be an outdoor members playday at the park on Saturday 1st January.  Why not bring your steamer (road or rail) for a seasonal run…


13 Nov 21

Society emails being rejected

Can you all please add


to your address books. 

Increasingly, society emailouts are being rejected by your email servers because they think they are spam.  Please teach them otherwise as you will be missing mailouts.


10 Nov 21

It is with sadness that the society learns of the death of the Late John Peterson’s wife Ann in a house fire in the small hours of Saturday 6th November.  This was reported in the EDP of 8th November.  Mrs Peterson  had lived alone since the death of her husband John Peterson, a society stalwart, in December 2019.  We last saw Mrs Peterson at the BBQ in August, when she attended with her daughter Jo.  Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

02 Nov 21

More Gauge One activity.

Peter Sporer and his friend from France bought a r/c gauge one Cl 66 to EP on Tuesday 2nd.  It was able to run right around the g/l circuit in the field.  Minor modifications to the diamond would enable it to run around the complete circuit.  Here they conside the diamond and mods required,  They will make a proposal fior the society to consider.  There is currently no public gauge one track in the Norwich area so this may be a niche that the society can fill


26 Oct 21

ndsme at The Forum Engineering Day


The team who staffed the stand during the day.

Ivan appears to be wearing a particularly large bow tie!

Brian Sayer with a Gauge 1 display

Robert Bailey’s table of plenty.

Ivan’s showmans engine

Brian Baker playing with windmills

The display was busy for most of the day.  At one point there were four working exhibits!


20 Oct 21

A calendar for the remainder of 2021

Sat 23 Oct         Half-term Saturday pop-up

Sun 24 Oct        regular pop-up

Tues 26 Oct      ndsme at The Forum 0900-1600

Sat 30 Oct        Half-term Saturday pop-up

Sun 31 Oct       regular pop-up

Tues 02 Nov     work day

Weds 03 Nov    Members Meeting at Ipswich Rd URC

Sat 06 Nov      Members raised track play day

Sun 07 Nov       regular pop-up

Tues 09 Nov     work day

Sun 14 Nov      regular pop-up

Weds 17 Nov    Committee meeting at EPCC

Sun 21 Nov      regular pop-up

Tues 23 Nov    work day

Sun 28 Nov     regular pop-up

Tues 30 Nov    work day

Weds 01 Dec Members Meeting at Ipswich Rd URC

Sat 04 Dec     Members raised track play day

Sun 05 Dec    Christmas Trains

Tues 07 Dec   work day

Sun 12 Dec    Christmas Trains      

Tue 14 Dec     work day & break up for Xmas?

Weds 15 Dec  committee meeting at EPCC

Sun 19 Dec    Christmas Trains

Sat 01 Jan     New Years Day  members steam up (either/both tracks)

Sun 02 Jan    End of school hols pop-up



19 Oct 21

There are four points in the field that require upgrading to plastic sleepers. 

This is the first to be completed by the PW team overseen by Pete King, and a fine job it is too.


15 Oct 21

Vision Norfolk (formerly the NNAB) came to visit today and photograph our trains.  Jim McDonell and Chris Eve provoded the motive power.  A good time was had by all!


12 Oct 21

Pete Kings trackteam (Messrs Henderik, Fane, Carter and Sayer) replacing  wooden timbers with plastic on points in the field today.  Walking away is Richard the Gardener.


04 Oct 21 (1)

And, sure enough (see 20SEP), Ian Carter’s Hunslet was back a fortnight later to pull the public (for a full three hours!), shown here with Ian’s partner Liz on the back having set down another load of passengers.  They hope to return for a few more stints before the years end.


04 Oct 21 (2)

Engineering Day at The Forum, Tuesday 26 October 2021

Philip Moore is still looking for exhibits (fully or partially completed) and for members to help with (a) loading at EP early morning (b) staffing the stand covering 0900 to 1600 and (c) tear-down and transport backto/unload at EP from 1600 onwards.  This is a normal Tuesday Gang day so come along and help if you can.  It’s outside The Forum so no risky inside environment.



01 Oct 21

The sub-contractors have completed repairs to the fence alongside the former putting green.  Here, Philip Moore checks out the new gate that should enable tennis players to retrieve their balls without trashing the chain link fence.


22 Sep 21 (1)

Boiler test time for Cromer member Ian Carter’s 1/4 size Hunslet.  Passed fine and hope to see this at EP during October on passenger work

22 Sep (2)

Sub-contractors are renewing the fence alongside the former putting green.  It is good to see they have adopted the idea of a gate to allow tennis balls to be retrieved without climbing over and damaging the fence, an idea first suggested by ndsme a good few years back.




18 Sep 21 (1)

Pete King at the 7.25 AGM at Echills Wood today


18 Sep 21 (2)

AGM news

The AGM was attended by 27 full members.  The existing directors (committee) were reappointed.  Two new directors were also appointed, Brian Sayer and Chris Eve.  The three resolutions were also passed


14 Sep 21

 Pete King, with Ian Carter and John Powell, recently renovated the turntable after all the recent problems.  It is now restored to the correct height.

Ben Fraser’s Southern 0-4-2 on test on the raised track


09 Sep 21 (1)

Please note that we are cautiously resuming members monthly meetings, commencing November 3rd.  For the time being, these will be held on the first Wednesday of each month and not the second as before.  They will be held at the Blake Room ,Ipswich Rd URC, Norwich, NR4 6QR.  Parking is available. If the car park is full then unrestricted parking is available in adjoining roads.    The first meeting in November will be themed “What I did during lockdown” so contributions are invited from the membership – contact Mike Fordham at  eatonparkmr@gmail.com.  We are also looking at options for the December meeting.  A quiz is one possible – small teams of 3-5 members maybe.  If you have any other suggestions email Mike.

09 Sep (2)

Engineering Day at The Forum, Tuesday 26 October 2021

Philip Moore is looking for exhibits (fully or partially completed) and for members to help with (a) loading at EP early morning (b) staffing the stand covering 0900 to 1600 and (c) tear-down and transport backto/unload at EP from 1600 onwards.  This is a normal Tuesday Gang day so come along and help if you can.  It’s outside The Forum so no stuffy inside environment.


02 Sep 21 (1)

Would all members please note that the site access codes have changed.  If you require access you should contact a director by phone for the code as these will not be given out by email.  As one of the locks on the building has become defective this has temporarily been replaced with a new Abloy lock.  All loco owners and directors have keys for this.

Members are reminded that gate codes are sensitive information and should not be divulged to third parties.


02 Sep 21 (2)

Boiler testing at EP.

At the September committee meeting, the following points were reiterated regarding boiler testing.

+ Tuesday to be the preferred day for boiler testing.  One Sunday slot to be available per week for members who cannot attend on Tuesdays.  This is because the steaming bay can hold a max three locos and two of the bays will be required for operational locos.

+ All locos must be delivered  in a fit condition for testing, together with any blanking plugs or other accessories necessary for a test.  If this is not done the tester may, at their discretion, decline the test and rearrage.

+ All tests to be pre-booked, with Sunday’s being booked well in advance to avoid disappointment.

+ Light running after testing available on the day subject to (a) the track not being in use for Society functions (e.g. public running, visiting Societies/clubs), (b) at least  two adult members attending and (c) any relevant regulations concerning light engines being observed.

Members who cannot attend on a Tuesday and who need to book a Sunday appointment shoud contact inspector Barry Fane, in the first instance, who will organise appointments where slots are free.

A dedicated webpage for this subject will be constructed soon


02 Sep 21 (3)

Guards on trains at EP – clarification

During private member time

Light engines on the circuit are nor required to carry a guard EXCEPT when

(a) The driver is a junior member that requires supervision by a parent/guardian or other full member, OR,

(b) when a train is carrying any non-members (including family)

In these two conditions a guard MUST be carried.


During hours when the railway is running passenger-carrying trains,

A guard MUST be carried on all trains.  A light engine is regarded as a train.

Permission to light run must be sought from the stationmaster or signalman, as appropriate

Junior members requiring supervision are not permitted to drive light engines.


23 Aug 21

Thanks to those of you who have sent in feeback about the recent BBQ.  If you haven’t already done so, we’d love to hear your views, +ve or -ve.  Please send your comments to



17 Aug 21

Laying ballast in the compound continues.  Today the team worked on clearing the inbound tunnel portal approach.  Concrete retaining walls will be installed here to prevent run-off onto the track.  During the digging pottery shards and oyster shells were found, evidence of when the site was a rubbish tip during the C19th


17 Aug 21

ndsme members out and about. 

Messers King, Fraser and Henderick took their locos to Nottingham on the 14th August


11 Aug 21

From tonights BBQ. 

Top, Mrs Ann Gower inspects the plaque commemorating her late husband Neville, who was involved in much of what we see today at EP.

Lower pic shows just after the unveiling and also features Janet Steel next to Ann Gower and,  standing to the left of the isolated track panel, Jo Drake, daughter of the late John Peterson.

Philip Moore ran the “bar”




Saturday 14 August – Thailand Festival

Saturday 21 August Action for Autism Fundraiser

Both days from around midday to maybe 4-5 ish, depending on demand

Pls respond to ndsmecommunications@gmail.com with any offers of help



Committee news.

The AGM date has been set for Saturday 18th Sept at midday.  It will be held outdoors under cover.  Official papers will be posted out to all full members who should receive them by 28th August.

Mr Horrex has decided to step down from the committee.  NDSME would like to thank him for his input over the last three years or so.

Meetings Organiser

NDSME is seeking a member who would like to perform this valuable role as we move towards restoring society functions in the new CV environment.  You do not need to be a director to do this.  Qualifications required – enthusiasm and a willingness to approach potential suitable speakers/organisations both inside and outside the world of model engineering. Any offers please email ndsmecommunications@gmail.com

Proposed Revision to Articles of Association

The society has published proposed new Articles of Association.  These will bring the original Articles of 1967 into the C21st.  Full members are invited to consider this document.here

New Members

The society welcomes new Prospective Member Peter Spoerer and new Associate of a Member Claire Eve



The society is looking for members to contribute to the ndsme presence at the Science Week at the Forum in October half-term.  We are seeking items suitable for table-top display (or maybe larger!) and also for members to come along and staff the stall.  It will be outside the Forum to minimise any risks.  We will also need help with transporting items from EP to the Forum earlier on the morning.  If you can offer help in any capacity, please contact Phillip Moore direct on

07765 324431



Another section of improved track.  Works by Messers Horrex, Moore, Sayer and Reed.  Although the track is fixed to a concrete base, not all the sleepers are and this ballast performs a useful function in preventing movement, beside making the track look more realistic.  The plan is to finish the tracks in the compound and then extend out into the field in small, manageable chunks.




Here is the new cast iron bridgeplate for the tunnel.

There will be one at each end and they will be unveilled at the ndsme BBQ on Weds 11th August.  The society retains the pattern so shoulkd they ever need replacing it will be a simple matter.

AGM – all full members will have received an email asking for their opinion on an aspect of the forthcoming AGM – please respond as your views are important.



This week saw three members bring their boilers in for inspection by Inspector Brian Baker.  L-R Brian Jacobs, Paul Reed and Kevin Wade.  Paul is working on a loco first started by the late barry Steel.


Further interest was caused by a trial of Gauge 1 on the raised track.  It showed the possibility of an eventual G1 circuit.



Would all members pls note that there is now barrier chain across the entrance to the sliding road gate.  This is to deter anti-social parking.  It is secured by two padlocks, blue and yellow.  Members access is via the yellow padlock and the code is the same as for the sliding gate



MMEX and LMEX Cancelled

A statement from the organisers

It is with deep regret that due to the ongoing uncertainties of Covid-19 pandemic; we have to announce the cancellation of the 2021 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition which was due to be held at the Warwickshire Event Centre on the 14th-17th October.

This difficult decision is taken despite a real determination by the Meridienne Exhibitions team, trade, clubs, societies, exhibitors and other supporters, all striving to continue to deliver the usual high quality and successful event during this very difficult time.

Over the past few weeks, we have been in the excruciating position of considering every possible scenario to see how we might be able to proceed, but sadly the risks of holding the event now far outweigh the reasons for going ahead. The core decision is based on the escalating cases of COVID-19, and the risks that widespread illness and self-isolation could have on everyone involved. We have navigated our way over the past 16 months through obstacles, but now feel that the odds are stacked against us and we are no longer in a position to be able to proceed safely with the unknown government Covid-19 requirement for Autumn/Winter ahead.

It follows that with our decision to cancel the Midlands Exhibition we have also, again regretfully, decided that it is not practical nor financially viable to proceed with the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexandra Palace in January 2022.

Having presented model engineering and other exhibitions for well over 40 years these decisions represent a tremendous disappointment for all but hopefully the situation will be different in later 2022 and we may again present a model engineering exhibition.



Following recent anti-social parking at the compound entrance, there will now be a red/white chain across the access to the sliding gate to deter parkers.  This will be secured with two padlocks, one for the park contractors (blue) and one (yellow) for members.  The code is the same as the sliding gate.  If you are first there, please secure the chain out of the way with the padlock s it can’t be tampered with.


Our passenger stock are now adorned with our reworking of the old British Railways ident.  Two committee members collaborated on this, one with the inspiration and the other with the graphic design skills.  the result is rather splendid and evocative of the halcyon days of railways in the 50s

Society Treasurer Chris Eve  spent an afternoon applying the decals which were specially printed on clear vinyl, allowing them to be used on any colour stock, just like the real thing of over sixty years ago.



The society summer BBQ will be at Eaton Park on Weds 11th August, 6:30pm onwards.  All members welcome.  There will also be a special ceremony to name the tunnel.  So, burgers, sausages, tea/coffee/cold drinks etc etc.  Don’t miss this!



We welcome two new prospective members

Paul Reed, who many of you will remember from before the “troubles” of 2016.  Also Thomas Reed (no relation)



Members days at EP

The committee has recently considered the pattern of members days at the site and has reconfirmed the existing MO, that is,

Members access to the Eaton Park site is available any day of the week subject only to these provisos

  1. All relevant safety requirements being met.  This means that at least two members are present and any safety requirements for private operation of either railway are carried out.
  2. The site not being in use for any formal society activity, e.g. public operations, visiting societies, meetings,special days, etc. (Members will be advised of this by direct email)
  3.  The first Saturday of every month is dedicated exclusively to the raised track

Should a member require access to machine tools etc they are advised to contact any committee member to arrange access.  This is not necessary at the weekend when keyholders are always present.



The Forum Science Festival 2021.

After an absence in 2020 this even returns at October half-term.  The day devoted to engineering will be Tuesday 26th Oct and the society has been invited to display.  If we attend we would appreciate offers of transport by van or trailer and also members exhibits, eg traction engines, stationary engines or other items of engineering relevance.  We may also, if conditions are right, be able to exhibit a live steamer.  Any offers of help to Philip Moore please on 744527.


A date for your diary – Saturday 21st August – a special ground level charity day for Action for Autism, timings to be confirmed.  This is a charity that will be close to some members hearts and Marsh plc have pledged to match anything we can raise from public trains.  It will be our first 100% charity day since 2019.


Congrats to newly passed out drivers Kei-Tao Ma and James Smith who have been assessed as competent to drive  psssenger trains (non-steam).  They join existing recently assessed drivers under the new scheme, Charlie Riches (non-steam) and James McDonell (all types)

The Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition for this year is scheduled for October 14th to 17th and if there is sufficient interest shewn ndsme will organise a coach to travel to the venue on Saturday 16th. 
The cost will, it is  hoped, be similar to the last trip. If you would like to partake please contact barryfane@yahoo.co.uk.
The cost will be coach fare only (you will need to buy admission tickets either online or on the day) and will not be limited to members of the society.
If there is sufficient interest ndsme will organise a coach



  • The loco roster for June is now filled.  The experimental roster will continue into July and loco owners will be invited to submit offers later this month.
  • We will be putting on a special one-off charity session for Action for Autism.  Marsh plc will match anything we raise.  This will happen on a Saturday afternoon in August.  Let us know if you’d like to come along and help.



This is Brian Parker’s Rom, with added traction from an electric motor in the driving trolley.  Photo shows hauling four cars but it earl;er pulled five with ease.  This loco perfomed flawlessly for four hours solid yesterday.  It will be back during June..


22 May 21

Attention 7.25″ steam loco owners – changes at ndsme

We are making experimental changes to the way we organise Sunday public train sessions.  The club has only six passenger carriages.  Three of these are usually allocated to non-steam locos on Sundays leaving three for steamers.  Because of this we are coordinating steam loco attendance for passenger haulage.  There is usually a max requirement for two steam locos.
To aid with this, you are asked to indicate which Sundays that you would be willing to commit to  for the month of June.  Once everybody has responded we can then allocate passenger stock accordingly.  The aim is to remove the possibility of too many locos attending, or none at all,, by coordinating and sharing dates.
Light running is not a preferred option when four passenger trains are running but if you are prepared to do this if a passenger slot is not available then please indicate so. We would not intend to have more than one light running locomotive.
Please note that once attendance dates have been agreed with the society this then becomes a commitment on both your part and that of the society, emergencies excepted.
Dates for June are
Sunday 06 (one slot only available)
Sunday 13
Sunday 20
Sunday 27
Please respond
 with any offers of dates.


19 May 21

Would members please note that the gate access codes have been changed.  Would any member requiring the codes please contact any committee member by email and you will then be phoned back.

Pop-up trains continue on Sunday afternoons (until the next lockdown at least!).  Members are invited to come along and assist for as long as they feel they can.  There are no set hours so just devote whatever time you can.

17 Apr 21

The members BBQ returns this year and will be on Weds 11th August in the early evening.  All members are welcome.  Just “turn up and eat!”

14  Apr 21

The boiler test season is now under way.  members requiring this service should contact Barry Fane to organise this

Membership renewals are ending soon.  Unrenewed members must ensure that we have received both payment and the renewal form by the 30th April in order to renew for 2021-22 (see 23 Mar 21)


06 Apr 21

As the lockdown regulations  unfold, limited private members activity is now permissable, subject to a maximum group size of six.  Distancing must still be observed.  Tasks should be preformed outside of the clubhouse wherever possible and both doors must be open to provide ventilation.  Remember, the virus loves poorly ventilated enclosed spaces.  No more than six persons should be in the clubhouse at any one time and food, etc, should be eaten outside.


23 Mar 21

We are in the final week of the renewal period.  Thank you to all the members that have renewed ahead of time, this has made the process much easier. Those that don’t renew before the end of the 2020-21 period will be placed in a “twilight zone” and will have until 30 April to make a late renewal before being finally removed from the membership roll.  After 30th April they will need to apply to join as a prospective member.


19 Mar 21

It is with great sadness that the society reports the passing of member Andrew Burr (Mem no 18002) on the 12th March.  This is especially poignant as Andrew had been looking forward to resuming activities at EP and running his loco on the raised track.  We await details of funeral arrangements


08 Mar 21

As lockdown gradually relaxes we will be looking at possibilities of running trains again.  If this happens it will be under a similar covid secure regime like last year.  More details as we know them…

23 Feb 21

A number of renewals have been sent in that do not include an SAE.  In this cases, membership cards will be retained in the safe at Eaton Park until collected.


07 Feb 21

If you are renewing your membership and paying by bank transfer, please remember to also return the renewal form to the address provided.


26 Jan 21

The society is always looking at ways it may improve services to members.  With this in mind, you now have the option to pay renewals by bank transfer, either via your bank online or in person inyour bank.  Please follow the instructions on the renewal form.  Also, please read the guidance notes on the renewals webpage.

We are currently having new cards printed and they will be sent out as they become available. Renewals are due by the end of March 2021


16 Jan 21

The society have decided to postpone the planned increase in membership subs for 2021.  Any members who have pre-paid in advance at the increased rate will be reimbursed.

05 Jan 21

The new lockdown means that the Eaton Park site will remain closed to members until further notice.  The only exception to this will be for essential or emergency maintenance work or repairs and security checks.  This situation will pertain until at least Feb half-term.


28 Dec 20

Tier Four regulations – only essential care and maintenance work may be undertaken at EP.  This is defined as work on behalf of NDSME  Ltd.  All private projects must, until further notice, be undertaken at home only and not at Eaton Park in ordere to comply with the law.  All public operations have also ceased until further notice.  Use of the Clubhouse – no more than six pesons may be in this building at a time.  Face coverings should be used and the door left open to ensure ventilation.

Membership subscriptions for 2021 have been set as follows, Full £25.00, Reduced £15.00 and Associate of a Member £5.00

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