Good News!  Our accessible carriage, No7, is in regular  service..

We began using our accessible carriage, No.7, on pop-up days in 2020 and are continuing to do so in 2024,  It always forms part of a regular train.  Wheelchair users  pay the standard £2 (A) or £1 (C) fare and any carer or attendant is fare-exempt.  No 7 is generally available between 1100 and 1500.

Assistance dogs used by blind or partial sighted persons are also carried at no charge.

Other users can benefit from this carriage, provided that it is not required by a priority user.  Accompanied prams and single pushchairs can be conveyed.  Accompanied large well-behaved dogs may also be carried, so your “best friend” no longer need be left behind.  Also, anybody who is unable to use our “climb over”  stock can use this vehicle. Please note that although we can accommodate some double buggies, we may not be able to carry extra wide models.  Further, please note that this vehicle is not suitable for “mobility scooters”

Now, with this versatile carriage, everybody can have a ticket to ride!


If you have any queries,